About Us

“Talents can’t be taught but awakened”

IJRULA is a self-governing, high quality research promoting organization that encourages researchers in all the fields of science, engineering and technology. Scientists, Medical Science & Healthcare Professionals and Engineers involved in research can make the most of this growing global forum to promote research covering their original research activity or its extended versions. Hence, they can be accessed and utilized by everyone for the development of science and technology. IJRULA is an online platform where candidates, scholars, researchers, medical & healthcare professionals, engineers, scientists and others to get promoted for their research work. IJRULA respects and believes that research is the fundamental for the development of science and technology thereby acting as a platform for paraprofessionals. We provide a platform where a candidate can have a prestigious recognition towards his research work. We are pleased to dignify the outstanding works of candidates by awarding them under special cadres. The best outstanding work will be finalized by the chief members of World Research Congress. Our main objective is to connect the users from various part of the world to share their ideas and formulations that could be helpful for essential advancements in the future of mankind. Therefore, we serve as an essential icon to source the innovations.


RULA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS is the original token for appreciation and recognition towards the act of Excellency in various disciplines. We honor the excellent profiles either individual or institutional and let them cuff their own deserved titles what actually is deserved.

RULA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS is the real signature of pride what actually you deserve. RULA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS are based on research and assessment in with a nature of clairvoyance with a very high level of quality, value, rarity, extra ordinariness, flexibility, dedication, integrity, customer satisfaction and so on. We are into worldwide market research and scrutinize the best of the best. We are a certified market research company holding the specific ISO standard specially meant for market research. ISO special and specific standard of market research has been issued to us for our quality of market research we are into. RULA Awards is headquartered at Malaysia, provides quality assurance through tough assessment among various sectors. This wide range of assessment and market research paves the way for the winners to feel their real pride and foot into their next step with proud. For the participants, it will be the inspiration, to make them improve their betterment in their field of work and get qualified in the successions.



RULA Awards is accredited by the World Research Congress, the sovereign body committed to empowering researchers all over the world with the right use of technology towards some betterment or enhancements. The World Research Congress’s valued assets consist of well-stacked researchers, technologies and profound skills, help produce better research outcomes.

RULA Awards incorporated with the World Research Congress strives for the collaboration of innovative ideas, experimentation, research theses, journals & periodicals on multifarious topics all over the world, for the dissemination of research creativity to bring all under one roof.

The RULA council’s vast experience and known integrity in upkeep of confidentiality and researcher’s intellectual property comes a long way in attaining top notch standards.


RULA AWARDS is accredited by the Untied Research Council, being a closed enhanced medical council that encloses the major heads from the United Nations to strive for the qualitative health of the public found to be active and has been showing tremendous work and acts in different perspectives. The organization’s decisions and congress paves the way for Continual Medical Education that serves as a platform for the professionals, researchers, students from the healthcare background towards a qualitative inculcation of enhancements that uses the forthcoming techniques for the healthcare betterment.